Our Story

You may already know that Mocha has a number of boutiques across the fanciest shopping centres in Melbourne, but did you know how it all began? 

Let’s rewind shall we… 

The Beginning

The story of Mocha began in 2003 when a young couple, Nicki and Dotan decided to sell Nicki’s handmade jewellery and personal effects at Camberwell Market one Sunday morning. Nicki, who comes from a graphic design background, has always been very creative and had a passion for making something from nothing. Dotan came from a sales and business background and together with Nicki’s expertise and skills, they made a great team selling together. This continued on for 2 years, whilst they were still working day jobs and making jewellery late nights and on weekends. Ultimate couple goals right? 

Mocha is Born

Not long after, Nicki’s handmade jewellery collection gained so much attention that she decided to rebrand the name to Mocha (the name of Nicki’s favourite hot beverage, brainstormed with a group of friends over a coffee date). 

In 2006, an opportunity presented itself for a small pop-up stall in the middle of the centre at Westfield Southland. So Nicki and Dotan decided to quit their full time jobs and focus on Mocha full time. Since then they have never looked back.

The Growth

Soon after, they opened their first ever retail store at Doncaster in October 2008, embellished with its now iconic copper fixtures and cascade chain ceiling. Since then, this small family business has expanded to 7 boutique stores, all in Melbourne’s most iconic shopping centres, to a staff base of more than 50 valued employees. 

Nicki and Dotan’s PASSION + PROMISE is creating and offering people a quality item for a reasonable price. Mocha’s core values: family, love & style reflects deeply with Nicki & Dotan. With love and support, they were able to do the hard yards together in order to get to where they are today. Turning their passion with action in order to create this amazing empire. 

Oh just so you know...there is a HAPPY ENDING as well to this story! Nicki and Dotan did finally tie the knot in 2008, adding 3 more additional wonderful children to their family. 

 To be Continued...