The Mocha Loyalty Program Terms and Conditions set out in this document concern the operation of the Mocha Loyalty Program, any promotional activity and loyalty transactions that arise as a consequence of the Mocha Loyalty Program.

Individuals who join the Mocha Loyalty Program and/or redeem Loyalty Dollars agree to be legally bound by the Terms and Conditions.

The Member Terms and Conditions may be modified at any time without prior notification by Mocha in its absolute discretion. Despite anything to the contrary contained in this document, any modification to the Terms and Conditions may be applied to a Member retrospectively.

Mocha will not accept any liability for any email communication to any Member that is misdirected, lost or not received.

Mocha may collect personal information from the Members for the purpose of facilitating the Mocha Loyalty Program.

In its absolute discretion, Mocha reserves the right to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the Mocha Loyalty Program at any time.

In the event of any discrepancies, Mocha's decision in its absolute discretion will be final and binding.

Mocha's decision in relation to all matters arising in relation to the Mocha Loyalty Program is final and binding.


1.      An individual is deemed to be a Member of the Mocha Loyalty Program when they sign up on the Website or disclose information in store at time of purchase.

2.      Membership of the Mocha Loyalty Program is open to all individuals.

3.      Mocha reserves the right to refuse or terminate membership of the Mocha Loyalty Program without prior notice or reason and in its absolute discretion.

4.      Membership is not transferable.

5.      It is the responsibility of the Member to update their membership details.

6.      A Member can at any time terminate their membership by providing written notice to Mocha.


1.      Members of the Mocha Loyalty Program will be entitled to receive benefits.

2.      Mocha reserves the right to vary the benefits at any time and without notice.

3.      Mocha Loyalty Program commences on April 1st 2016.

4.      All sales prior to the commencement date will not carry over to the Mocha Loyalty Program.

Loyalty Points and Dollars

1.      At its sole discretion, Mocha may update a Member account with Loyalty Points as a consequence of a purchasing behaviour, incentive and/or promotional activities.

2.      Mocha will not notify the Member via email of their entitlement to any Loyalty Points or Dollars.

3.      At any time, the Member can inquire instore about Loyalty Points or Dollars on the Members account.

4.      Mocha reserves the right to withdraw, cancel or vary the Loyalty Program without notice and at any time.

5.      Loyalty Dollars are generally expressed in a monetary form - for example, $20 Loyalty Dollars. However, in no way do Loyalty Dollars represent legal tender in any country.

6.      Loyalty Dollars cannot be sold, transferred or assigned and are not redeemable for cash or any other like instruments, including (but not limited to) gift vouchers, gift cards, cheques and credit notes.

7.      Loyalty Dollars can only been redeemed at Mocha stores in Melbourne and can only be redeemed during the process of a sale.

8.      Member reserves the right to redeem all or partial Loyalty Dollars in a transaction.

9.      Mocha reserves the right to exclude sale items and promotional items from being redeemed by using Loyalty Dollars.

10.   Loyalty Dollars cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

11.   If a Membership is terminated from the Mocha Loyalty Program, all outstanding and future Loyalty Points and Dollars will no longer be valid and will be rendered null and void.

12.   Only Loyalty Dollars from one membership can be presented per transaction.

Loyalty Points will be accumulated through online purchasing though As per limited system capabilities, Loyalty Points and Loyalty Dollars are not viewable nor are able to be redeemed during point of purchase via the online account. Online customers will be rewarded with $20 Loyalty Dollars in the form of a voucher for every 1000 Loyalty Points that are accumulated. This will be sent via email on a monthly basis. The voucher will be redeemable online.


Loyalty Points are accumulated through dollars spent in any transaction instore and online.

For every dollar spent, one point will be granted to the customers membership account.

The points are then converted to dollars at an exchange rate of 0.02.

Example: 1000 Loyalty Points are equal to $20 Loyalty Dollars.

Mocha reserves the right to change the conditions and exchange rate at their discretion at any time, without warning or notice.

Having started off ten years ago at local Melbourne markets, Mocha has earned its place in the Australian fashion industry. Mocha’s inspiration has been drawn from every aspect of the duo’s life. Family, friends, travel, trends, and the endless world of fashion and style have all played a significant role in the business’ growth. Their love for design and delivering exceptional customer service has driven Mocha to the successful business it is today.

Since October 2008, Mocha has expanded to five regional stores, and is ever-growing as a company. The immense drive and dedication from Mocha’s creative directors has inspired many brands to collaborate with our team.

Mocha’s unique Isadora jewellery is designed and handmade here in Melbourne, effortlessely oozing natural colours and tones, which bring a sense of individuality and uniquely beautiful pieces.

Mocha caters for each individual woman and offers a diverse range. Which are all about expressing yourself through the little things.

Mocha x


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